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My daughter has been enrolled since she was 9 months old.  I cannot begin to express how much we adore Raine & Shine.  I have NEVER felt in any way any tension or stress picking up my daughter.  I’m utterly amazed at how the owner, Samantha Raine O’Neill, whom we lovingly call Sammy, runs her educational facility. My child is happy and flourishing. Sammy is aware of each child’s individual needs in her care. I see the benefit of Sammy’s in-home where my daughter not only receives socialization with other children, she also gets direct attention and gentle instruction on how to connect with other children through play.  Something that might be missed in a classroom of twenty 3 year olds.  Positive management of an educational environment is only a skill that few master.  Sammy conquers this with grace and ease. As an in-home daycare, some would consider ‘babysitting’. I can attest that my daughter is leaps and bounds beyond her years in knowing her numbers, colors, shapes, meeting other objectives. My daughter is our treasure.  She is the absolute most important priority in my husbands and my life, and we trust her in the care of Samantha Raine O’Neill any day at Raine & Shine Daycare. -Erin & Matt; parents.

I cannot say enough good things about Raine and Shine Daycare! Sammy lives and breathes her work of caring for your child. She gives so much care to the children’s development, respects their individual personalities, and provides a safe and loving space for them to spend their day. She equally values outside play time, music, art, and reading to give the kids a truly well rounded day. She also has a calm but effective approach to toddler behavior which I appreciate, and has really helped to foster my daughters social development. She is always available to communicate throughout the day (including daily pictures, which is key for mama to get through the work day!) We love our Sammy and can’t recommend her enough! -Stephanie; parent.

We are so lucky to have found Raine and Shine Daycare. Our daughter has loved it there from the beginning, and we are so fortunate to have found someone as kind and loving as Sammy. She is thoughtful and has always worked hard to align her caregiving with the needs of our daughter. She plans lots of fun activities for the kids, and has many new and creative projects for them to do. Our daughter especially loves music time with Spice! Raine and Shine has been such a wonderful place for our family over the last two years. -Jenn & Jon; parents.

Sammy is absolutely amazing! We loved having our daughter there! She provides so much attention to each and every child. I knew that our little one was in the best hands! The music classes are fantastic, the art activities are great! The outside play time is also great! It is everything you would want your child to experience! Can’t speak more highly of Sammy and her great business! I would recommend her to anyone!!

-Rachel; parent.

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