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Our Routine

A typical day at Raine and Shine Daycare begins with our friends being dropped off between 8-9am. In that time we have free play until all our friends have arrived. We start snack at 9am with fresh fruit!


Afterwards, its art time!! Art usually lasts for 10-20 minutes depending on the craft or flow of the morning. Next, we head outside for as much outdoor play time as we can get before lunch! 


Lunch typically starts at 11:15. When everyone is done and cleaned up, we have quiet play time to get ready for nap and quiet time. After everyone uses the bathroom and gets diaper changes, we read books for 10-15 minutes before everyone gets hugs and is tucked in for nap at 12:30.


As friends start waking up, they come out to the play room for free play. Once everyone is awake, we have snack around 3:30 and then head back outside if possible. If the weather isn't cooperating, we have fun indoor toys specially saved for those days including a slide, tents, tunnels, and giant building blocks. Everyone knows on rainy days we get to play with glow sticks!


Pick up starts in the afternoon and all our friends are gone by 5. We have the best days growing and learning together!

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